Jamil Barqawi

Department: Dining Room
Position: Executive Chef
Phone: 248 363-6002
Email: [email protected]

Executive Chef, Jamil Barqawi, has been in the culinary field for over 25 years, with 19 years as an award-winning Executive Chef in fine-dining establishments throughout the United States, and focusing over 10 years in the high end private club sector. Chef Jamil is a Certified Executive Chef, receiving his culinary education from the Culinary Institute in his native Jordan, and continuing his advanced studies in International Cuisine at the Les Roches Royal Academy. Chef excelled in his educational disciplines, which emphasized classical French and European cuisine, hospitality management, a "farm-to-plate" focus on food knowledge, and extensive training in food and wine pairings. Chef's culinary talents eventually took him to the United States, and from Texas to Minnesota to Arizona and eventually Michigan, he continued to add to his proficiency, and through the process became an award-winning executive Chef, having received the DiRONA award (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) and received twice from Wine Spectator their Best of Award of Excellence, both one and two goblet recognition. All of these awards recognize excellence, and reflect Jamil's passion for his craft. Among his cuisine specialties are Classical French, Italian and Contemporary European, Mediterranean, California Cuisine, Innovative American, and an extensive knowledge in Midwestern Steak and Seafood concepts.Chef Jamil has developed a comprehensive understanding of the private club environment and its complexity, and fully realizes that the only way to deliver consistency in excellence to the members is by being a hands on chef with high integrity and dedication to his craft.