Matt Hummel

Department: Pool & Swimming
Position: Pool Director

Matthew Hummel is the Pool Operator at Edgewood Country Club, where he works on water chemistry, coaches his guards and serves the ever-growing community that exists here at Edgewood. Aside from working on the pool's mechanical side, Matt can be seen around coaching his staff, providing as much information as possible regarding daily operations. Outside of work, Matt plays guitar in a local rock band, Saxophone at church, and more than 20 other instruments in his free time. Matt believes being adaptive and diverse is his forte, which might explain why he is now in his 10th major in college. Matt lives in Waterford, where he has lived the long 21 years of his life. Matt has experience in a large amount of fields. From being a private swim instructor, guitar teacher at the age of 13, cook, server, and woodworker, he's bound to be able to hold conversation on most topics. Whether you want to talk about what techniques can be used to condition better swimming habits, Mozart-era music composition, what wine pairs best with your meal, or even what his favorite type of wood is, (spoiler, its cherry), he'll be more than delighted to get to know you as the weeks go by.